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Pineapple On White ID Badge Reel






How many folks do you know are wearing a pineapple? Make a statement! Bright, fun and amazingly sparkly, this pineapple ID badge is truly radiant and will certainly start a conversation. The white reel background makes the colors pop on light colored clothing. Also available with a black reel, more suitable to wear with darker clothing. Measures approximately 1″ x 2″.


Round retractable reel and pull cord for easy access to swipe your ID.
Vinyl strap to secure badge holder into place.
Vinyl badge holders sold separately.


Ensures your badge will always face the right direction with its rotatable feature. Recommended for use on lapels.


*Badges may be made with metal alloy, rhinestones, acrylic, faux rhinestones and/or faux pearls.



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