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Scratch Of Sweden: Nail Care Gift Set



No Dry Hands Moisturizer™
Fast absorbing nourishing hand cream.
• “Hand Food”.
• Nourish and protect hands without leaving a sticky feeling.
• Softens, moisturizes and nourishes the skin for silky-smooth hands and a fresh luster.


As often as you need. In the evening you can mix in a few drops of Nail Food for a richer night formula.


Sesame oil, Lavender oil, oil of Myrrh, Saccharomyces/ Xylinum (extract of black tea), Vitamin E, Jojoba oil, Oil from Meadow flower.


Nail Food®
The success and the original. 100% natural oils
• Nail conditioning oil that gives the nail strength and elasticity.
• Regains the nails flexibility.
• Treats and repairs all nail conditions; Dry, soft, rock hard, fragile and peeling.
• Conditions, smooth and soothe irritated cuticles.


Apply 1 drop on nail and cuticle twice a day. Distribute to all finger nails by rubbing nail plates together. This way of Massaging the nail plates is what we call ”Nail Work Out”. The Nail Food can also be buffed into the nail (oil buffing) using the nail shining buffer step 2 and 3. Nail Food Oil can be used on natural, artificial or lacquered nails.


Cold-pressed Virgin oils of Sesame, Lavender, Myrrh, Essential and Vegetable Oils.


Manicure Nail File

•IvoryFine 240grit. Hygienic/ Washable

• Gentle manicure file for natural nails

• Shapes and effectively shortens the natural nail

• Keeps your free edge nice and smooth.



Shape the nail from side to middle, do not saw back and forth Complete the shaping by sealing / ”closing the free edge” with the Crystal Stone.Clean your File with nail brush, soap and water. Wipe dry and store your nail file in the enclosed package.


Nail Brush Mini
Soft Nail Scrub Brush with comfortable finger grip.
• Clean under the nails without damaging or scratching.
• Clean the nail plate before polish.
• Clean the nail from skin residue after cuticle work.


Use with a mild soap and water or Cuticle Remover for a gentle but effective cleaning of the nails. May also be used Dry to massage Nail Food into the nail plate and cuticle area.


Nail Shining Buffer
3- Way Nail Shining Buffer of highest quality. Hygienic/ Washable.
• Removes uneven and discolored nail surfaces.
• Provides nail with a glossy finish and a protective surface.
• Provides a perfect base and attachment for the nail polish.


Step 1 Dark gray side: Carefully exfoliate the entire surface of the nail. Buff in the nail growth direction. NOTE! This first dark grey side is used no more than 3 times per year. If necessary, only the new growth is rebuffed. Step 2 White side: Seal and prepare before high shine. Used regularly on naked nails and when oil buffing with Nail Food®. Step 3 Light gray rubber side: Provides the final high gloss shine. Can be used daily as a massage tool on both lacquered and on naked nails.


Crystal Stone:
File and Cuticle Pusher – 2 in 1 Tool for both Nail and Cuticle Care. Hygienic/ Washable.
• Crystal Stone gently pushes back cuticles & overgrown skin without
damaging the nail plate or the cuticles.
• Crystal Stone seals and ”closes” the free edge of the nail and
prevents the nail from peeling or tearing.
• Prevents and removes sharp edges and tears.


Wet Crystal Stone – With soft circular movements exfoliate and remove dry skin from around and on the nail plate. For best result use after manicure soak and with Cuticle Remover. Dry Crystal Stone – Seal and ”close” the nail after shaping with manicure file. Use with ”sawing” movements. Clean with nail brush, soap and water. Wipe dry and store in supplied plastic sleeve.


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