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I have had a pair of C&C Sweden clogs for the last week. I was extremely happy and relieved to find that 15 minutes after putting a pair on, I had no pain! God bless this company.

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OH MY GOSH! What a great product you have! After trying countless others, I have found my shoe.

I am in LOVE with these miracle socks! My legs and feet don’t get so fatigued anymore!

I no longer had the persistent pain I had been experiencing for years. I cannot express how much better my quality of life is, and I have ordered another pair to wear outside the OR.


It was one of the best purchases I have ever made. I cannot imagine wearing anything else to work in, and I get compliments every time I wear my “Caramels” out and about. They are gorgeous!

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I felt so good all day, and I felt as though my leg was being massaged. I did not feel like I was on my feet for over fifteen hours. These socks really help!

The first pair I walked 50 blocks in NYC and without pain, (heel spurs). They are so refreshing to wear, and I love the compliments.

I purchased a pair of C&C clogs, and since then have never looked back. Your product is comfortable, fashionable, and lightweight.

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Wearing the Swedish Compression socks after long runs in particular seems to result in improved recovery. I have noticed less pain, stiffness, and residual fatigue the next day.

What I like about these shoes is that not only are they are comfortable; they are also durable, and long lasting.

I am very impressed with your clogs! They have all the support of a traditional wooden clog, with a cushion, and they’re more durable than expensive, soft-sole clogs. I love them!


Your shoes are the most comfortable yet!