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The Scandinavian Company’s CEO/Founder is a Registered Nurse from Stockholm, Sweden.  After relocating to the United States, Carina discovered a void in the market for stylish and fun shoes that also offered the comfort and therapeutic advantages needed for anyone working long hours on their feet. This void lead her to launch a line of clogs, handcrafted by a cobbler in Stockholm called, “Clogs by C&C SWEDEN” in 2002. Today, with manufacturing facilities in Sweden and USA, we distribute our professional footwear line globally to retail stores, hospitals, restaurants, etc. With a passion for design, Carina with her team strive to keep their collection stylish, fresh and fun, and are always working to meet the needs of their loyal customer base. Outside of the office, Carina is a dedicated mother to her 3 adult children, and devoted wife to her husband of 37 years, James. She is an avid traveler, and spends much of her free time supporting her family’s professional sport fishing team.