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Retailer Policy & Procedure


Keys to Our Success

  • In order for Clogs by C&C SWEDEN to succeed we must:
  • Offer high-quality hand crafted products.
  • Provide excellent “customer driven” service (customer driven in every aspect of our business, not profit driven).
  • Be a helpful and respected member of the community.
  • Create continued customer loyalty, resulting in repeat purchases.
  • Our motto: “Crazy Comfortable Clogs.”

Company Summary

Clogs by C&C SWEDEN, located in West Palm Beach, Florida, was created in 2002, and is a manufacturer of handmade Swedish Clogs, designed to primarily attract the female population. We have manufacturing facilities in both Sweden and the United States. In addition, Clogs by C&C SWEDEN provide styles to the population of health care professionals who wish to dress and accessorize in the latest, hip fashions. The retail stores that carry our products will, like us, be involved with the community through our outreach program, to be described in later sections. We encourage diversity, and do not wish to only target any particular ethnic market; we want everyone to enjoy our wonderful products.


Company Ownership

Clogs by C&C SWEDEN is a corporation owned by Carina Wood. Carina Wood was a hard working Registered Nurse (RN) for over 20 years. She is the creative force behind all of the C&C Swedish Clogs products, assuring customers will enjoy the style, fit and comfort of every pair they own.


Product descriptions have been included as an addendum with this retail sales plan, including full descriptions and images of our shoes and accessories.


Competitive Comparison

Clogs  by  C&C  SWEDEN  has  many  advantages  over  its  leading  competitors.  New  inventory   from   the  hottest and most renowned European markets. Our products  are  price  competitive  and  last  far  longer  than  many of our closest competitors. They are also “hand made,” and not  mass  produced,  offering  a  more  comfortable fit and true quality. Humor and a family culture is an essential part of our company’s atmosphere, and offer  these  aspects  to  all  of  our  customers.  Our  desire  is  to  bond  with  our  customers,   by   offering   products  that  combine  both  the  European   and  American   cultures.   Ambiance   of   creativity,   uniqueness,   and  a  sense  of  comfort  is  a  huge  part  of  the   social  recognition  of  our  products.  Our  staff  fosters  a  respect  and  appreciation  for our customers and a love of what we do in our work.


Market Analysis Summary

The primary target customers of Clogs by C&C  SWEDEN  are  female  Nurses,  age  25-65.  We offer unique products to this  area,  and  expect  an  increasing  interest  among  female  medical  professionals.  C&C   Swedish Clogs offer hand craftsmanship from the top European markets of the world, therefore we know they      are very appealing to people from or familiar with the nature  of  hand  crafted  products.  We believe that customers will increasingly grow as our products gain visibility in almost all US markets.

The   secondary   target   customers   of Clogs by C&C SWEDEN   is   listed   as   Other.   We   expect   to   see   a wide variety  of  people  interested  in  something  new  and  different,  from  hair  and  beauty  professionals  to  flight attendants to students. Clogs by C&C SWEDEN believes that we offer great customer  service  and  an  overall welcoming, warm, and educating atmosphere, which will keep a variety of customers coming back.


Market Segmentation

The female population throughout the United States is dominant, therefore leading to a high percentage of our expected customers. Clogs by C&C SWEDEN offers a wide variety of styles charm accessories to support this market.  Young professional  women  are  among  the  largest  group  of  trend setters and  consumers in     today’s  market.  Clogs by C&C SWEDEN feels that  by  offering  a  unique product  to  this group, many  other women will  be  attracted, therefore  leading to a  high  percentage of  our customer based  population.


Target Market Segment Strategy

Clogs by C&C SWEDEN have enjoyed two major trends  that  have  helped  its  success tremendously. The first trend is that the market for Clogs has already been built, as evidenced by its competitors. The second trend is more socioeconomic. Within the last two to three years there has been world-wide media attention regarding “quality European imported  fashions.”  The  European  population  increase in  the United  States  over  the past ten years has been exponential. According to latest studies, American awareness in European fashions has increased dramatically, a well as an interest  in this  cultural lifestyle, clothing, religion, etc. Clogs by C&C  SWEDEN intends to  target the following three markets very  heavily.

Nurse/Healthcare   Professionals   25-65   years   old:   Clogs by C&C SWEDEN   provides   this   population  with a  a variety of products expressing comfort, hand crafted European quality, and individual style.

Young Women: Young people strive on uniqueness and trendiness, which we offer in the latest styles in all  markets.

Other: The list is endless, but any woman looking for comfort and fashion will like our product offerings.


Our Main Competitors

Our main competitors are offer a variety of products, however these companies usually require a larger initial retail opening order. Clogs by C&C SWEDEN represents a more personal, family owned experience for both the retailer and consumers.


Strategy and Implementation Summary


Value Proposition

Clogs by C&C SWEDEN offers customers high quality footwear, unique and diverse products, a family owned cultural experience, and unmatched customer support.

Competitive Edge

The following components make up the competitive edge for Clogs by C&C SWEDEN We are  a small, family  owned business. We can make changes quickly. We can adapt to our customers’ needs. We offer unique, high quality products and superior customer support. We reflect a family owned, cultural atmosphere of fun and work.


Marketing Strategy

Our marketing strategy will focus on pricing, promotion, distribution, sales strategy, and forecasting. We are focusing our market on females throughout America. Our strategy will embrace these customers as a community with respect and esteem. To do this, our marketing resources are centered on customer loyalty and satisfaction. Our strategy also embraces the idea of consistency, and efficiency.


Promotion Strategy:

Clogs by C&C SWEDEN will maintain an advertising  plan  that  will  consist  of  in-store  promotions/  advertisements as well as web site, corporately maintained marketing. Publicity is the essential strategy for Clogs by C&C SWEDEN. We aim to involve the community through public relations and utilizing different forms of media to  get our name out, including all major medical conventions.


Marketing Programs:

Our most important marketing programs are:



We have done very well with word of mouth campaigns from satisfied customers.



Through media and conventions, get our story and mission statement out in the community.


Sales Promotions:

We provide literature and incentives to the store associates so that employees can become familiar with our brand.


Sales Strategy:

We encourage employees to sell Clogs by C&C SWEDEN by giving spiffs based on performance. We educate your staff so that you can sell quality to your customers. We help you display sample items in your store. We offer a great return policy to build trust and loyalty to increase customer base.


Terms and Conditions



Seller must maintain consistent (MAP) Online pricing to protect our dealers. The seller understands the need to place out items on sale from time to time. The seller requires the buyer to contact them in the event that any item is to be priced below our Suggested Retail Price. Online Retailer found selling products below our MSRP without the seller’s authorization will first be notified and will have 5 days to increase the price to meet the seller’s guidelines. Failure to comply after the 5 days will be considered a violation of the sellers Terms and Conditions and Sales Agreement.



50% Due upon shipping. Remaining balance 30 day net.



Unless expressly stated, all prices quoted do not include any applicable Federal, state or local taxes. If Seller shall be required to pay such charges,  either on its own behalf or on behalf of the Buyer, with respect to material   covered by this order, such charges shall be added to the prices shown on the Sales Acknowledgment and shall be payable by the Buyer.



Unless  otherwise  stated  on  the  face  of  the  Sales  Acknowledgment  and  Purchase  Order  Form,  all  shipment of goods are in accordance with Seller’s standard packaging and shipping policies and shall be EXW. Seller’s  facility. Advance written requests for shipment by Buyer’s preferred carrier of routing  will  be  honored.  All  scheduled completion dates are estimated. In  Stock  merchandise  will  be  shipped  within  1-3  business  days.  Out of  Stock merchandise  will ship  within  10-14  business days  with  exceptions  being made for material delays, in which case buyer will be notified. Seller will use its best effort to ship by the date specified; however, Seller shall not be liable for any delay or failure in the estimated shipment or delivery of the  product or for any damages  suffered by reason thereof. Seller shall notify Buyer of any delay in shipping and shall inform the Buyer of the  revised delivery date a soon as practicable. In the event of such delay, there shall be no termination of the contract and the term of delivery or of performance shall be extended for a period equal to the time of the delay.



Product may be returned in unworn, As-New condition, within 30 days of delivery. Exchanges will be processed and returned to retailer promptly. Returns will incur a 10% re-stocking fee, and the remaining balance due to retailer will be issued within 7 business days via company check.



Risk of loss of, or damage to, the finished product or any portion thereof, shall pass to the Buyer upon delivery to carrier EXW point of shipment, or in the event of delay, by Buyer upon date of notice to the Buyer that the material is ready for shipment.



In no event, shall Seller, its subcontractors or its vendors be liable in contract, tort, strict liability, warranty or otherwise, for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, such as but not limited to, loss of

anticipated profits or revenue, loss of use of system, non-operation or increased cost of operation or other equipment or cost of capital. The liability of Seller, its representatives, distributors, subcontractors or vendors, with respect to this contract, or anything done in connection therewith, or from the manufacturer, sale, delivery, resale, technical direction covered by or furnished under this contract, whether in contract, in tort, in warranty, in strict liability or otherwise, shall not exceed the purchase price paid on the contract. No action arising out of any claimed breach of this agreement or transactions under this agreement may be brought by Buyer more than three (3)

months after the cause of action has accrued.



Seller shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from delay in the prosecution or completion of the work caused by labor disputes, floods, fires, riots, thefts, accidents, inability to obtain labor, materials, components, or fuel, acts of government, or any other cause which is beyond the reasonable control of the Seller. Seller agrees to notify the Buyer if any of these events occur. Seller shall have the right in the event of the happening of any of the above contingencies, to cancel this agreement or any part thereof without resulting liability.



Buyer agrees that an order shall in no event be subject to cancellation except by prior written consent of Seller, and then only when Seller is fully reimbursed for work performed and material used to complete said order. In any event, goods returned to Seller may be subject to a restocking charge equal to the value of the cost of raw materials, handling and labor costs.



Neither party shall delegate any duties, nor assign any rights or claims hereunder, without prior written consent of the other party.




Seller in the performance of or in connection with the terms hereof, shall be deemed to be confidential or

proprietary and any such information or knowledge shall be free from restrictions, other than a claim for patent infringement, as part of the consideration hereof.



The remedies of Seller herein reserved or created shall be cumulative and additional to any other or further remedies provided at law or in equity. Seller may remedy any breach of the terms or conditions hereof without waiving the breach remedies or without waiving any other prior or subsequent breach. Buyer shall pay Seller any cost and expenses, including attorney’s fees, incurred by Seller in exercising any of its rights or remedies here under or enforcing any of the terms or conditions hereof.



Waiver by Seller of any of the standard terms and conditions shall not constitute a waiver of any other of these standard terms and conditions.



Any provisions hereof prohibited by law shall be ineffective to the extent of such prohibition without invalidating the remaining provisions hereof.



The parties consent to the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of the State of Florida for all purposes relating to this contract, whether in connection with arbitration or otherwise. The parties consent that any process or notice of motion or other application to said court, and any paper in connection with such proceedings may be served within or outside the State of Florida by the rules of the applicable court or arbitration tribunal.



Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract, or the breach thereof, shall be settled in Palm Beach County, Florida by arbitration in accordance with the commercial arbitration rules of the American Arbitration Association, and judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrators may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.



Any written notice provided for herein to be given to Seller by Buyer shall be mailed or delivered to Seller’s address stated in the Sales Acknowledgment, Quotation Form or to an address and/or person subsequently designated in writing by Seller. Likewise, any notice to be given to Buyer by Seller shall be mailed to or delivered to Buyer at the address dated in the Sales Acknowledgment, Quotation Form or to an address and/or person subsequently designated in writing by the Buyer.



The headings used herein are for reference purposes and shall not affect the meaning or interpretation hereof. The terms and conditions constitute the complete and exclusive agreement between the parties concerning the subject matter thereof and supersede all prior representations, statements, and promises made by Seller which are not expressly stated in said terms and conditions.


Management Summary

The founder of C&C Swedish Clogs, Carina Wood, believes that employee relationships and employee satisfaction are of utmost importance to the success of the business. Within this relationship should lie a high respect for creativity and growth. Compensation and job security will be constantly evaluated and based on performance and quality of work performed. The owner relates all business decisions to the goals of the company, and all employees are encouraged to work creatively and with the highest sense of ownership, pride, and integrity.


Organizational Structure

Carina Wood CEO/Owner/Designer Clogs by C&C SWEDEN

Responsibility: Product Development & Design, Marketing, Trade Shows and Conventions


James Wood COO

Responsibility: Warehouse Management, Trade Shows and Conventions


Jessica Rodgers Greeley Director of Sales & Marketing

Responsibility: PR, Marketing, Social Media, Sales Coordinator


Christy Wood Office Manager

Responsibility: Customer Care, Data Entry, Inventory Fulfillment, Book Keeping & Payroll


Linda Culberson

Responsibility: Leather Seamstress, Assembly Technician, Quality Control


Amber Wood

Responsibility: Company Spokes Model and Trade Show Coordinator


Michael Wood Responsibility: Pack & Ship




Corporate Headquarters     500 NW University Blvd Suite 115     Port Saint Lucie   Florida 34986  USA